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We are a group of neighbors in Bloomington, Indiana who get together and work to make our neighborhood better in any way you can imagine!

THE NEAR WEST SIDE NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION is not a homeowners’ association — we serve the interests of tenants, landlords, businesses and homeowners alike. To get involved or ask a question, go to this page, enter your comment, and we’ll put you in touch with who you need.

Where and when do we meet?

Our meetings are normally held in the Banneker Center second floor library (just inside the front door at 930 W 7th St.) from 7-8 pm.  However, due to the summer 2021 COVID surge, we have moved meetings back online until further notice. Monthly meeting announcements, including the Zoom link, are sent to our mailing list and posted to Facebook about a week prior to each meeting. Quarterly meetings for the general membership are held on the third Tuesday of the month in January, April, July, and October. The Board meets monthly, also on the third Tuesday.

What area of Bloomington does the Near West Side cover?

The Near West Side neighborhood is bounded by Adams St. and Rogers St. on the west and east sides, the Indiana Railroad tracks on the north and Kirkwood Avenue on south side. We are Bloomington’s newest and largest historically designated district. Some neighborhood landmarks include Butler Park, the Banneker Center, and Fairview Elementary School. The B-Line Trail now passes through the north end of the neighborhood.

Officers and board members:

  • President – Alan Balkema
  • Vice President – Robert Grise
  • Treasurer – Bill Baus
  • Secretary – Jenny Stephens

Board members at large: Olivia Dorfman, Karen Duffy, Natalia Galvan, Tom Payne

The latest version of our constitution: NWSNA Constitution

Subscribe to our email list!

We use an email subscription list to send regular updates about events and meetings in the neighborhood. To join the list, sign up at If that doesn’t work, just go to this page, request to be added, and we’ll add you to the list.